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Outplacement, HR, and Career Consultants

20 years of HR and Careers experience | Outplacement Service | Psychometric Testing | CV Writing | Interview Coaching

Outplacement Services

Outplacement Services to help your staff transition seamlessly to new employment. We are real people, we are knowledgeable, we bring energy, and we CARE!!

Career Coaching

Career Coaching Services | CV Writing | Interview Coaching | Job Search | LinkedIn Training

Psychometric Testing

Save TIME, save MONEY, make the RIGHT HIRE, it’s SIMPLE! Online personality questionnaires and ability tests

Interview Coaching

Simple and practical programmes for competency based interviews and online or traditional job interviews

CV Writing

Impactful CVs, Cover Letters, and LinkedIn Profiles. NB: Work with a REAL person, not outsourced 3rd party or AI

LinkedIn Training

Learn how to optimise your LinkedIn Profile and raise your online visibility

About Measurability

We offer a variety of HR and coaching services, including outplacement services to support redundancy and psychometric testing to support recruitment. We work across all sectors and regions in Ireland | Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Waterford, Galway. Read our client testimonials

Career Coaching

Learn about what you can do next in your career, and what steps you need to do to get there. From a new CV to strategies finding jobs to interview preparation, we are there at every step of the way.

Outplacement Service

Bespoke outplacement service, tailored to your needs and budget. Work with expert outplacement consultants

Paul really helped me to deal with nerves and handle myself well at interview,


You’re advice was priceless!


The group were delighted with Paul’s approach to CV’s and interview skills