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Mannequins ONLY get jobs in shop windows

Job Interview Coaching Advice

I have a saying “Mannequins ONLY get jobs in shop windows”

I could write a book outlining key job interview tips and strategies

BUT, the above saying is the most powerful TIP I could give you

If you want to improve your job interview performance INSTANTLY

Bring ENTHUSIASM to your next job interview

WHY? The interviewer(s) is assessing your interest during interview


WHY? The interviewer(a) is assessing your personality fit during interview

You will STRUGGLE if you don’t bring ENERGY and PERSONALITY

Here is some client feedback to back up my point

Hi Paul, An update on the interview for the role I went for. I’m delighted to say I’ve just been offered the position. They said I did a very good interview and what really stood out was my passion and enthusiasm for the job; exactly the things you noted as being important. Thank you so much for the great advice; a very happy customer here! Regards, XXXXXX

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