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HSE Competency Based Interviews | Interview Coaching

HSE Competency Based Interviews | Interview Coaching

Interview Coaching sessions are facilitated via Zoom during COVID

The session would include short mock interview and feedback, then improvement strategies

We have distilled the process into simple criteria for success, and we would teach you
(a) How to structure your answers to competency based questions
(b) What the HSE interview panel are really listening for within your examples
(c) How to build simple, easy-to-remember answers

Our approach is straightforward
(a) Keep it simple
(b) Zero jargon
(c) Upbeat delivery
(d) Concise take-away notes

If you want to book a session, contact us

“I am delighted I found you online. I have struggled for years to perform at competency interviews, even though I am very competent at my job. You said you’d make this easy, I didn’t think this was possible, but you did. On the day of the interview I was very clear about what I had to do, and felt in control”

Typical HSE Competencies
Planning and Managing Resources
Build Relationships
Judgement | Decision-making
Commitment to Quality Services

Nationwide Service: Ireland | Dublin | Limerick | Galway | Cork | Waterford | Sligo | Meath | Kildare | Louth | Wicklow

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Civil Service Competency Based Interview Coaching

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