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Cover Letter

Cover Letter Advice

Tailor your Cover Letter – Job seekers must customise their cover letter. Before you write your letter, review the job criteria. Job specifications will outline expertise, experience, knowledge and skills required. Your content should acknowledge these points. NB: Do not send the same letter to every employer.

Meet The Employers Needs – Don’t describe what YOU want, instead outline the value you can bring to the employer. Outline how you can provide a solution to their problems. Excite the reader! NB: Don’t re-write your CV in paragraphs.

Keep It Simple – Keep your letter clean and simple. A cover letter should be one page. Your letter should be no more than three paragraphs. Each paragraph should be direct and to the point. NB: Avoid long and rambling paragraphs.

Simple Language – Avoid formal language that you’ll find on most other letters.

Demonstrate Energy & Personality – There’s more to a hiring decision than skills and experience. Inject personality into your letter. Try to connect with the reader.

Actively Sell Yourself – Don’t be afraid to tell the employer why they should meet you!! You MUST sell yourself. You MUST catch the eye. Your MUST stand out from the crowd. Failure to do this will mean no interviews!

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