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Job Search | Job Interview Tips

Job Search | Job Interview Tips

Below is a post from my e-book “Laughing all the way to your next job”

It’s a fun angle to a serious issue, landing a great job!!

I address a number of critical areas in the e-book, including job interviews. Blow I have outlined some key advice to navigate the job interview question = why do you want to work for us?

Not So Tricky Questions | Why do you want to work for us?

You don’t get extra points for big words

★ IMPORTANT: It’s like a blind date
So, flattery will get you everywhere

★ IMPORTANT: It’s not a lie detector test
That said, try to find honest and sincere reasons

★ IMPORTANT: Be authentic
A ‘Google Search’ is no friend of authenticity

★ IMPORTANT: Words without meaning…
Come on, put a bit of passion into it!!

BE WARNED: This question carries a lot of weight

It’s a hidden question to check your INTEREST

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