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Career Transition Services

Career Transition Services

“I’d describe your service in a few words – diligent, innovative, empathetic, good value” HR Manager

Career Transition Programmes
– Executive Outplacement Coaching
– Group Outplacement Programmes
– Online | Zoom Outplacement Support

Why us?
– Deep, market-tested knowledge (we don’t read from a textbook)
– Recognised industry consultants
– Flexible (we build programmes to meet your needs and budget)
– We care (we will leave no stone unturned to help your staff transition)
– Fun (we will lift your staff, giving them the confidence to face the job market)
– Successful (most of out clients are via referral or recommendation)

Where we can help? We teach your staff….
– How to market themselves (CV, cover letter, LinkedIn)
– Job search strategies
– How to sell themselves at interview

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