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Corporate Outplacement Services | Executive | Feedback

Corporate Outplacement Services | Client Feedback

I have supported a number of mid-sized projects over the last few months

These were a combination of workshop and one-to-one outplacement programmes

I’ve met some amazing (and highly skilled) people along the way

Fortunately, a good number have already found new employment

NB: I never guarantee success, BUT I do guarantee I will give 100% to help your staff successfully transition to new employment. I will give them simple and practical tools and advice to make their journey as easy as possible

Below is some of my feedback from recent outplacement projects


I did it, got the job. I am so thankful for your support along the way. It was invaluable Paul

Paul, you boosted my confidence so much. My CV was amazing, as were the job search tips. I was dreading doing an interview having not done one in years, but you helped ease the anxiety. This was such a valuable experience, and the stuff I learned is already working. Thank you!

I was a bit apprehensive about doing your outplacement workshop, as I had done one when I was let go in my last job. The day flew by and I got loads of valuable advice. Believe me that wasn’t my previous experience :-). It was great to see smiles and hear laughter from my colleagues after the tough 6-weeks we have come through


I’ve been inundated with positive feedback about the outplacement services and support you provided. I didn’t doubt this as you came highly recommended from an ex-colleague. I really appreciate all your effort and commitment Paul. Hope you have a super summer!!

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