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Interview Questions and Answers

Interview Questions and Answers

Interview Questions and Answers. It is impossible to predict what questions will arise at interview. A structured approach to interview preparation will ensure that you can successfully navigate any interview questions that arise. Below is a list of common questions that arise regularly at interview. There are also descriptions about how to successfully answer the questions.

What would you describe as your weaknesses?

Probably the most dreaded question for interviewees. It is the employer examining self awareness but also to see if the interviewee has acted. My preferred strategy to handle this question is to minimise the emphasis on the weakness and turn it into a positive outcome. If possible steer clear of personal qualities and focus on professional aspect. For example: “I am continually working to enhance my presenting and communication skills and I recently joined Toastmasters which I find to be very beneficial”

Why do you want to work for this company?

Have you though out this career move or are you applying a scattergun approach to job hunting? The interviewer need evidence that indicates you’ve put some thought into things and are not sending CV’s for the sake of it. Again effective preparation will have covered researching the company and identified reasons why you picked this company and role.

Why should we hire you?

This is a classic interview question and most interviewee mess up. Effective preparation should ensure that you know your product — YOU! Summarise your experiences, knowledge and skills in a clear and concise pitch. Remember to focus on information relevant to the employer and the role

Describe your career goals?

This one bugs me! It is probably better to focus on the short to medium term goals rather than ten years down the line. I guess an immediate goal is to secure this job!!

Explain why you left (you are you leaving) your current job?

Another certainty at interview. If you have been made redundant then try and put a positive spin on thing and don’t fall into the negativity trap. If you are in employment put the focus on what the next job will offer and how this was missing from your current job. Again be positive about current or previous employers.

When were you most satisfied in your job?

Basically this is asking what motivates you. Certainly your motivations should align with what is on offer in the current role.

What make you different?

What makes you stand out from the other applicants? Portray your USP (unique selling points) in a clear concise manner. Put a bit of though into this as we all have great experience and skills.

What salary are you seeking?

Treat this like a game of poker. Even if you have a defined figure try to make the employer tell you what the range is. Answer a question with a question. “What salary would a role like this pay in your organisation?” By the way if you have a set figure and this figure is very important to you then feel free to say it.

Interviews are a challenging task for most job seekers. The fact that you cannot predict what questions will be asked can be frightening but also increase adrenaline. Effective preparation can remove this fear. Measurability are professionals offering Interview Coaching. If you would like professional help with interview preparation contact us.

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