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Corporate Outplacement Services | Choosing A Consultant

Corporate Outplacement Services

Corporate Outplacement Services can prove to be a great benefit to you and your employees. Redundancy is a difficult period and this support can help you navigate successfully. From experience many employers will focus in on price BUT there are other important areas to consider. There are other factors to consider such as the outplacement team, accessibility to consultants and resources, previous project experience and industry knowledge and flexibility of the outplacement provider. More information on this has been outlined below.

Choosing your Outplacement Consultants

The Outplacement Team – The people who will be doing the day to day hands on work with you and your staff. This is essential as Outplacement is a people service.

Accessibility – Accessibility of consultants and resource for your employees. Your staff need access to consultants and resources throughout the program.

Project Experience – Previous related project work.

Related Experience – Outplacement is career coaching and support packed in a different box. Related experience includes Recruitment Agency, Life Coaching, HR, Career Coaching, Training & Development, and Business Coaching.

Market Knowledge – Knowledge of the Irish market and your industry sector will improve the success of the outplacement program.

Flexibility – Some providers have material and resources with a one hat fits all approach. In reality no two projects are the same. Ideally you will have a program tailored for your requirements.

Price – Everyone has a budget and employers will want to get the best value for this budget. Remember best price is not always best quality. Most outplacement firms will provide options for your budget.

If you are an employer you have more questions about outplacement services or outplacement programs contact us now. Measurability offer outplacement services in Ireland and we can help you and your staff navigate redundancy successfully.

Paul Mullan