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OPQ32 – Occupational Personality Questionnaire – Recruitment

OPQ32  Occupational Personality Questionnaire is the most popular and commonly used Occupational Personality Questionnaire. It was developed by SHL and has been the leading personality questionnaire on the market for over two decades. It is available in many languages and online to assist ease of access.

OPQ32 – How can it help?

Occupational Personality Questionnaires provide an indication of an individual’s preferred behavioural style at work; provide you with in-depth information on how a candidate will fit into certain work environments, how they will work with other people and how they will cope with different job requirements. The OPQ32 is used in selection, development, team building, succession planning and organizational change.

OPQ32 is most used for Graduate, Management & Professional recruitment. It is the leading personality questionnaire in the market. There is a wide range of recruitment reports available from the OPQ32.

Measurability a SHL partner – OPQ32

Measurability offers assessment solutions to organisations to enhance their current recruitment process. We use SHL assessment tools which are global leaders and certainly the most popular tools used by organisations in the UK and Ireland. Our assessments cover all aspects of psychometric assessment including personality, ability, motivation and interest. Most of our assessment tools are online which ensure efficient integration within recruitment workflows.

Measurability specialises in working with organisations that don’t have the time or resource to introduce their own in-house assessments. We also work with organisations who want to trial the benefits of psychometrics before investing. Working with Measurability will enable your organisation experience the benefits of psychometrics without investing in training, material, technology or licenses.

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