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HEO | Higher Executive Officer Interview Training


You will be assessed against 6 HEO competencies

Team Leadership

Judgement, Analysis & Decision Making

Management & Delivery of Results

Interpersonal & Communication Skills

Specialist Knowledge, Expertise and Self Development

Drive & Commitment to Public Service Values

Our 3-Step Competency Based Interview Training

  1. Learn how to structure your answers

2. Learn what the panel is listening for

3. Learn how to build simple, easy to remember answers

Read what one client said about our interview coaching….

I don’t know how I managed it, but I was eight on the panel, my highest result ever. I can’t thank you enough, you made things so simple in my mind, everything just flowed effortlessly on the day of the interview. I will be telling everyone about your interview training service. I wish you every success in the future!

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Paul Mullan is a leading Irish Interview Coach. Paul has been coaching clients for HEO interviews for 17+ years. He has distilled his training programme into 3 simple steps

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